Ideas for Container Garden Screen
My neighbor's yard is unsightly! However, my deck (and my dining room window) looks over their yard! Do you have any suggestions for a container garden that can provide somewhat of a "screen" so that I don't have to look at their mess? The area gets lovely morning sun and afternoon shade.
Submitted by tootiezee

Hi, Well you could use any large tub or planter and fill it with tall plants such as bamboo or an evergreen such as an arborvitae. I've also seen folks use galvanized horse water troughs as planters. They've filled them with water and then planted potted giant papyrus in them. It looks great and breaks up the background. Ultimately, though, your best solid screen will be with arborvitae.

Answered by doug.jimerson
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I need the same answer! Hope someone can suggest something that can be done soon.
Submitted by wasielewski121