Browning Pyrmidalis Arborvitae
I have a "Pyrmidalis Arborvitae" approximately 8 feet tall. It was planted about 4 years ago and has doubled in size and was very healthy. This spring, the south east side of the bush has turned brown and the fanlike needles are falling off. Is there a disease or blight that could be causing this or could it be winter damage? Should I remove the entire shrub (it is one of 7 along property line) or perhaps just remove affected area. I'm located in Cape May County, NJ approx. 6 miles from ocean.
Submitted by janestan3247988

Hi, My first guess here, at this time of year, would be that this is winter damage. I'd trim away the dead and see how well the plant recovers. If it remains too ugly for you, you may have to replace it.

Answered by doug.jimerson