Moving established hydrangea
I have a hydrangea that I planted about 5 years ago in what I believe is a too shady spot (under a tree canopy and competing with the roots. Right now it is getting its leaves. Can I safely move it now (Central PA)and should I put it in full sun? It has never bloomed for me.
Submitted by mosdil1

Hi, Well the best time to move a plant like this is in the early spring before it breaks dormancy. If the leaves are just barely coming out, you can probably still move it, but be sure to dig a large root-ball and keep the plant slightly moist in its new location for a couple of weeks.

Answered by doug.jimerson
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in my experience, here in the South, I've cut hydrangeas back at different times during both spring and summer and moved to different areas in the garden and have had great luck with them thiriving. Just remember to tamp in the soil so that no air pockets get to the roots, and water in deep, for several weeks until plants look healthy and established...Good Luck Stacy
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