I recieved a pointsettia for X-Mas alot of the leaves fell off but I kept it in the sun and watered reguarly and now it has lots & lots of new starts. Can I sit it outside in the pot it came in or can I plant it in the soil? Full sun or part sun?
Submitted by pammioakly55

Hi, You can move your plant outdoors after frost danger has passed. Remember, these plants are tropical in nature and can't take a frost. You can keep the plant in its pot or plant it directly in the garden. I would move it outside in its pot to a partially shady location for a week or so until it gets used to being outdoors. Then, slowly move it to a sunnier spot where you can plant it directly in the ground or just sink the pot into the ground.

Answered by doug.jimerson
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Thank you sooo much. That was my question. I feel as though this plant is one of my babies.
Submitted by gwynnehearns