what am I doing wrong with my Hyacinth?
I have a hyacinth from last years Easter that I put in a new container with new soil. The leaves are growing but it hasn't blossomed this year. What am I doing wrong?
Submitted by puppy316

Hi, Well hyacinths require a period of dark and cold in order to set flower buds. Also, hyacinths that have been "forced" to bloom in pots for Easter are designed as gift plants and they won't generally bloom again. I would toss it because it's doubtful you'll ever get flowers again. In your region, it's easier to purchase specially chilled hyacinth bulbs in the fall and grow them on indoors for winter color. Then, you need to toss them when they finish blooming. A hyacinth will never come back to bloom in Florida because it requires winter weather to set buds.

Answered by doug.jimerson
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please answer my concern on What is wrong with my Hyacinth?
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