pesky rabbits
How do I keep rabbits away from my flower gardens. It seems they love to go for the new plantings!!
Submitted by jazzy23

Hi, There are some rabbit repellents including one from Liquid Fence that works pretty well, but you have to understand that repellents work on small areas and particular plantings. You can't spray a repellent around the perimeter of your yard and keep rabbits at bay. The only real preventative is a chicken wire fence, at least 3 feet tall and buried a foot into the ground.

Answered by doug.jimerson
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Put out ammonia soaked rags on small sticks next to the new plants and rabbits and cats and other small animals will stay out of the garden and away from your plants.. Just replace - resoak the rags once they dry out or get rained on or wet..
Submitted by angelwhisper2