Perrenial Shade plants
One third of our backyard is shade. Please give me ideas of what kinds of perrenials do well in the shade. Also, are there any shrubs that do well in the shade?
Submitted by sherynrob

Hi, There are many great shade-loving plants. If you go to the Plant Encyclopedia on this website you can plug your needs into the Advanced Search and get a complete list that will work for you. As far as shrubs go, yews do o.k. in partial shade as do azalea, rhododendron, and some viburnum, but you will get a list of these as well from the Encyclopedia.

Answered by doug.jimerson
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I was hoping to find some shade loving flowering perenials. I have not had much luck
Submitted by Nanci Shure

Try these. They have worked great for me. Hostas, Dead Nettle, Bleeding Hearts, ferns, Corydalis, Creeping Jenny. The shade encyclopedia will give lots and lots of shade plants.
Submitted by crystalme33