Seed starting
I just started some seeds with miracle grow starter soil. I used egg cartons as they are the paper kind. It has been three days and I have kept them moist. Now I see what looks like hair or maybe fuzzies starting on some of the exposed paper carton that I used for the seeds. Will this be a problem and cause my plants that sprout to die? I have heard of a fungus that can kill plants early on. Do you have any suggestions on what I should so or need to do to prevent this?
Submitted by wdsm354

Hi, Well it sounds like your egg cartons are beginning to grow some moss or disintegrate. That's why I always use plastic growing cells or pots to start my seeds. I don't think the green on the egg cartons will cause you any problems, but it is a sign you may be overwatering. Be sure those egg carton cells have a drain hole in the bottom of each one so excess water drains away. If your soil stays too wet, those seeds won't germinate.

Answered by doug.jimerson