Need help woith Lawn Care
I just moves to a home that was a model home the builders didn't care of the lawn the lawn was poorly kept. I have bald spot in the little grass that is there. On oneside of the house I have this burgurdy color grass growing and in the backyard I these little green patches growing. wWat should I do for this please help.
Submitted by bgaribbdee

First, doublecheck that the burgundy color grass isn't some sort of ornamental. Take a sample in to a garden center and ask. For everything that's actually supposed to be lawn, the best thing would be to kill what's there and start over with new sod or seeding. That's a big project, but would ultimately yield the best result because it would give you a chance to till up and smooth out  compacted soil.  A short cut is to overseed what's there without killing the exisiting lawn, such as it is. Chew it up with a verticutter, spread the seed, then go over it again lightly with the verticutter. The result may not be quite as nice as starting from scratch, but it will probably suffice, and it's MUCH less work.

Answered by EricLiskey