Squirrel control
Every year I plant bulbs, tulips, etc. and every year the squirrels dig them up and eat them. Is there any safe way to discourage them from digging them up and eating them? I jsut ordered more for this year and hope that you can provide me with a safe way to protect them. Thank you for your help. Mrs. Mary Slagel
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Hi, Well there are squirrel spray repellents you can use on the area, but I've never tried them. Or, you can spread a single layer of chicken wire over the bulb bed and then cover with leaves. The wire will prevent the rodents from digging down to steal the bulbs. Or, you can change from tulips to daffodils. Squirrels will leave daffodils completely alone.

Answered by doug.jimerson
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To Stop squirrels and the like from my bulbs I coat them in alum before planting , after that I sprinkle powdered spices like cayenne , paprika ,black pepper ,around the flowers ,this works for all types of plants.You will need to re apply after rain and I just buy the cheap ones from the local dollar store .
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I was told to use Blood Meal to discourage rabbits from eating my tulips. I sprinkled some in all of my gardens, and haven't had a problem with any animals since.
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I just planted annuals in pots. Immediately the squirrels started digging in the pots. In a few cases they even dug the flowers out!
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Or you could grow tulips in pots on your patio or porch or even outside your door, they do very well in pots and winter over just fine, maybe just grow the daffodils in the ground and leave tulips for your pots!
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I can't grow marigolds 'cause the day after I plant them there's nothing left but the blossom. What can I do?
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