Daffodils that do not bloom
I live on Long Island, in New York. My daffodils sprout to about 6 inches, but do not bloom. Are they planted too deeply? Do squirrels eat the flower before it blooms? They grow in beautiful clusters, just do not bloom. They get plenty of sun.
Submitted by eileen2717

Hi, Well you don't say how old your bulbs are. Daffodils, as they get older and more crowded do tend to bloom less and less. The problem won't be squirrels because daffodils taste bad so deer, rabbits and squirrels leave them alone. It sounds to me like your bulbs might be too crowded. You can go to the trouble of digging them up next fall and moving them, but even then, it will take some time for them to recover. I suggest you just buy new bulbs next fall and start over. I also see here in the keyword box a question about butterfly bushes. You can trim them at most any time, but early spring is best.

Answered by doug.jimerson