Woodland Path Materials
I live in north central Arkansas (zone 7). My yard is 1 acre mostly in the backyard. 3 sides of the yard are shaded with hickory trees the center is sunny. I want to put in a woodland garden with a path the encircles the yard.There are lots of tree roots on the ground making it difficult to walk/mow, not that much grass grows. Should I put the path in first? What material is best for the path?
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Thanks for writing. The answer is really up to you --- there's no right choice. Select the paving material that best suits your personal style and budget.


As far as whether you install the paths first or the plants, again that's up to you. Some people like to start with paths to give the area structure and that guides the way they plant. Other people like to plant first and then weave the paths through those plantings.


---Justin, Senior Garden Editor, BHG.com

Answered by CostaFarms
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I also have woods and my grandchildren run a particular path along side the blueberry bushes. The leaves fall and happen to create a path to run on. With almost 3 acres I would suggest starting with a small area. If it needs dirt to cover tree roots then that would need done. I would suggest finding what material such as wood chips or I have also seen cocoa bean shells. This smells great. Sort of a smoked coffee or chocolate smell but possibly a bit more pricey. Try using what you have.
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