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Help! Every year my garden is eaten by the deer in the neighborhood. What are the best plants/flowers to have in my garden? Susan West Caldwell, NJ
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Thanks for writing. I can't guarantee any plants will be deer proof, but you can find a great array of deer-resistant varieties in our Deer-Resistant Perennials slideshow.


Also, if you check out the Advanced Search button of our Plant Encyclopedia, you'll see a box you can check to have it just pull up deer-resistant plants for you.


---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,

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Try putting something white up (white cloth or somethin that can move) Im not sure if you have white tails but I know with them when you are hunting dont wear white because the deer will see it and think its another deer that is scared and they run off, its worth a shot.
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I put minced garlic in oil (from a jar) around and on the leaves of plants and so far I haven't seen any deer.
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Deer Off spray product works great when applied once per 4-6 weeks, depending on your rainfall. Will need to be reapplied after a couple hard rains regardless of last application. Repels rabbits also. I couldn't have any flowers or certain shrubs without this product!
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Get a dog/Borrow a dog. Let it go out at night. I've had a garden abutting a protected preserve where the deer are so forward fawns are regularly left in my yard (even on my porch!) but nary a deer has ever been near my garden beds, regularly patrolled by my dogs (who btw would probably run in fear away) who love to bark at them. Deer are prey, dogs are predators. And it's fun to garden with your dog hanging out with you, so long as your mastiff isn't inclined to eat your strawberries like mine!
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I recently moved to central Texas (Austin area) wich has a large residential deer population. I love to garden and qickly learned the deer love my gardens and flowers as much as I do. I didn't want a large fence around my property (2 acres) so I tried every store bought & home-made repellant, etc. I could find. When those didn't work I tried water sprays, fishing line, etc... The ONLY thing that is successful is a double line electric fence around my beds. Paint the poles and insulators green and they blend in great!
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Get A big fence!
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