Need ideas for making our yard more private.
How can I disguise an ugly 7 foot high cement wall and at the same time provide more privacy? We have noisy (barking dogs and screaming kids) neighbors who happen to be nosy as well, and are always looking over the wall into our yard (their yard is on higher ground than ours). We have a couple of Pinon trees and some pyracantha, but they are spaced too far apart to make any difference. I don't need anything that grows extremely tall but just enough to block the view of other houses and people.
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Thanks for writing. Without knowing the type of sun/shade, soil, etc. you have, I can't really recommend specific varieties --- so you might check with the folks at your local garden center or county extension office for specific ideas.


In general, some shrubs and small trees that grow well in your area include:



Crape myrtle

Desert willow

Chaste tree


---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,

Answered by CostaFarms