Honeysuckle moving.
Hello, When Can I move my Gold-flame Honeysuckle that I planted last season.It is about 3' tall and I need to move it back a foot from a walkway.Also how far should I plant it from my Arbor that I want it to grow on? It does receive full sun. I am located northern Indiana near Michigan state line. Thank you.
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Thanks for writing. You can move it anytime from spring to fall, though the cooler months are best because it's easiest for the plant to recover from transplant shock. If you'dl ike to do it this spring, wait until danger of freezing temperatures (below 25F) has passed.


---Justin, Senior Garden Editor, BHG.com

Answered by CostaFarms
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Thank you Justin, How far from trellis should it be? 6"s enough?
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