Large Resin Planter
I purchased a BHG 24-inch resin planter from walmart and I am wondering if I am to drill a drainage hole in the planter before using it? I am new to container gardening and their wasn't any instructions on the tag.
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Thanks for writing! If the model you purchased does not have drainage holes, I'd highly recommend adding them to the planter. Otherwise, you can consider growing plants in a smaller, less attractive pot that sits in the planter so the unattractive pot is hidden. (If you do this, the smaller pot needs to sit up on something like a layer of rocks or something so that it won't drown if water sits at the bottom of the bigger planter.)


---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,

Answered by CostaFarms
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I have a huge resin pot filled with soggy wet soil. Son forgot to drill holes in it. Can I safely drill holes in it now, or can I just hammer a big nail around bottom for drainage?
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