Red Clay Soil - No growth
I reside in Hempstead, TX and my soil has a lot of clay through out the 15 acres. When we had the house built they brought in more clay before pouring the slab. So i have clay every where and i do not seem to be able to get my plants to grow around the house or the yard. We planted Live Oak trees that were quite expensive and they too have died. What do i need to do the soil to make plants grow?
Submitted by marygonmaldo



Thanks for writing. The best thing you can do for any type of soil is add organic matter, such as compost. The compost, as it breaks down, will help push those sticky little clay particles apart so water drains better and your plant roots can breathe. It also adds nutrients to the soil and encourages beneficial microorganisms that help your plants.


I used to live in a house with terrible clay soil... I would add an inch or two of compost every spring and fall to my planting areas and had good success with that.


---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,

Answered by CostaFarms