Shade-loving border flower??
I live in a Massachusetts, just on the New Hampshire border. I have a small area of unusable space in my yard that I would like to create a flower bed in to add a splash of color. The soil is typical for New England, very rocky & somewhat hard-packed. I need a type of flower that will thrive in this type of soil with only partial sunlight early in the day. Last season I tried an English Wallflower & they never stood a chance!! Any suggestions??
Submitted by macsfam04


Thanks for writing! There's a large number of perennials that love shade and don't mind rocky soil. Check out a selection of some of my favorites here.

You might also check out our Plant Encyclopedia; you can do a search for shade plants for your Zone there and select for features such as a particular flower color or season.

---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,

Answered by CostaFarms