How do I repair cracks in basement wall?
My problem: There is a vertical hairline crack in basement wall leaking about 3 inches up from floor. I found a wall repair kit online that I'm pretty sure I can use. But about 2 feet from top of wall, the crack disappears behind a wall and finished bathroom. Is it okay to fix the crack up to the point it goes behind the finished portion? Or do I need to tear down the wall and try to get behind the shower on the other side of the wall?
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I'm assuming the basement is below-grade. If so, the only way to properly repair is from the outside of the wall. This will require the exterior to be excavated to gain access to the crack. Hire a licensed company to perform this work since you risk a possible deadly cave-in. Since you probably didn't sign up for such  drastic measures, it can't hurt to try your repair kit and see if it works.

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Problem: Below grade concrete block basement wall with cracks both horizontal and vertical. Some water will run after rain. One footing has dropped and basement floor is cracked. Question: Which is best action: 1. Remove then replace wall with water proofing on exterior of wall. or 2. A basement wall bracing system with steel supports on inside of wall and cables attached to concrete block located outside underground. Water proofing is pipe installed on inside of wall; it runs to sup pump.
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