Broken Magnolia Tree
I have a magnolia tree in my yard that was planted last year. I noticed a while ago that the top was leaning and then, this morning, that the trunk was actually broken (probably from the unusual snow we have had here in VA lately). Is there any way that I can stake this and hope for repair? If not, is there a way to cover the break so that the rest of the tree is not damaged by disease or insects?
Submitted by frankrosalie


Thanks for taking the time to write. Without being able to see the tree and how bad the damage is, I can't say for sure what your best course of action is. I'd strongly recommend you contact a professional arborist in your area --- he or she should be able to easily give you the answer you need!

Sorry I can't help more, but this is really a case where I'd need to examine your tree to give you an accurate answer.

---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,

Answered by CostaFarms