Dont know where to start
ok so I just bought an acre of land where my house stands on. I want to have the most beautiful garden with so much space to work with. My problem is where do I start? I want a lawn and I want several gardens. Please I just dont know where to start. thanks. Albuquerque New Mexico
Submitted by castellanomaryann


Well it can often be overwhelming when you first buy a large piece of property. Often the limiting factor is your budget. Trying to do everything at once can be expensive and a lot of work. I always suggest you start small, in areas that you use the most. For example, if you entertain outdoors frequently, perhaps putting in a deck or patio near your back door is the best way to begin. Or, if you live in a neighborhood and your front entry is barren, redoing the front entrance will improve the looks of your home and be something you can attack right away. I suggest you make a list of your priorities and work outwards from the house. Start close and work outwards. Also, you can check out our Garden Design section on this website and browse through over 100 plans.

Answered by doug.jimerson