Can I put stone over a concrete slab patio?
I live in Michigan and have a concrete slab as a patio. I would like to put slate or blue stone on top of it. Can this be done?
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You should have no problem putting stone over concrete. If the slab has a rough texture it will allow the mortar you use to set the stone to adhere properly. If it is smooth, you will need to roughen up. A pneumatic hammer with the proper attachments will do this.

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We're in the Chicago area around here and I would not recommend trying to mortar a natural stone over a concrete slab. The freeze thaw will eventually separate the mortar from the concrete, no matter how much prep you do. You are better off laying the new stone in a sand bed over the concrete much like a standard paver patio. The concrete is a great base for the sand. The down side is that you have to sand it every couple of years but at least it won't crack up. Joel @ The Renovation Place.
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