What color should I paint my kitchen walls?
My cabinets are white, my floor is gray and I have just bought some teal things to add color to the kitchen. What color would you paint the walls?
Submitted by jess4218

Hi, Jess-

Oh, the joy of developing a cohesive color palette for your kitchen. Sounds like you're off to a great start by identifying an accent color! Could you send us photos of your kitchen so we can have a better idea of what you're working with? It would help out tons!


Answered by LaurenAust
Community Answers (5)

I agree with yellow for some reason it just brightens everything even when its cloudy and artificial iighting has to be used. I also agree with the teal color which will add some punch to the yellow
Submitted by jwillis301

I love yellow in the kitchen. It seems to bring about a happy confident feeling, even on a gloomy day. It can be bold like a lemon, or soft like butter cream. I put cornmeal on my kitchen walls and received many compliments. It looks great with white and gray. Teal would be a perfect accent. If you decide to try a new accent color, you can always change out the teal with a sage green color, or even black. I've found most colors work with yellow.
Submitted by pwain1

or maybe a lighter hue of blue to off set the teal
Submitted by nirvanas_love_01

what about a gray-ish brown. I love Chocolate and teal together, but with the light flooring and cabinets, i would go with a light brown for the walls
Submitted by nirvanas_love_01