My yard slopes downhill from the culdesac to the front door. How can I landscape to improve appearance?
The first thing you notice when you pull into the drive is that it slopes downhill toward the garage and house. How can I make the front of my house and small yard pop and detract attention from this flaw? The side yards also goes downhill - to a retaining wall on on side and to the backyard on the other. My house faces west. I want to use perennials and lots of blooms with a soft feathery effect overall. Please help!! Thanks!
Submitted by llowry1



Thanks for writing. I'm very sorry, but without being able to see your yard in person, I can't really give you any specific landscaping advice. But in general, you might check out our free collection of garden plans for ideas... or our slideshow on front yard landscaping?


---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,

Answered by CostaFarms