Grape hyacinths
I have grape hyacinths that are taking over my flower garden, as well as my back yard. I have found some way out in front, that we did not put there. They multiply faster than I can control them. Is there any way to control them. I love them, but they are just taking over. I am 86 and can't go out and spade up my whole flower garden and back yard. Any suggestions???? We have 3 pups that are out in back all the time, so we don't think we can use an herbicides, even if we could know what wo
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Thanks for writing. You should be able to deter the grape hyacinths by cutting them to the ground with your lawn mower first thing in spring. They need to spend the spring gathering energy --- so if you cut off their leaves right away, they'll start to dwindle away.


You can also look at covering the area with a good thick layer of mulch. That may deter the grape hyacinths from growing.


---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,

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How do I control grape hyacinths? They are taking over our back yard and flower gardens.
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