Refinish Cabinets
We want to refinish our cabinets, but not all of them are real wood. The doors are wood, but the frame seems to be plywood with a wood grain type sticker on it. I believe they are the basic stock cabinets that builders install in new homes. How can we change the color of our cabinets and still have the wood grain look?
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It sounds like to have builders grade cabinets with wood doors but a laminate or veneer on the boxes themselves.  You could try to strip the finish from the door and re-stain and finish them but I would be concerned that you would be happy with the outcome.  Painting the doors on the other hand, I have been able to do successfully many times.  You just need a good primer and finish paint.  The exposed panels can be covered with a thin veneer that is real wood or even better by thick plywood panels that can be stained or painted.
Any of these remedies are a good bit of work for not a great return in my opinion.

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i have a older mobile home i want to refinish the kitchen cabinets,but they have a plastic laminate cover glued to them i dont think they are real wood either,what can i do to them they are so dark
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I guess I should have said we want to stain them...
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