My day is very scheduled, how do I get hours-long slow-cooker recipes to work for me?
I enjoy my crockpot, but find that most dinner recipes require cooking (on "Low") for 8-10 hours, which means that the meal would be ready two hours prior to my arriving home from work; because of this, I use the crockpot on weekends only, when my arrival & departure times are more flexible. Can anyone suggest a solution?
Submitted by sdrab

Some slow cookers come with a timing capability and even have refrigeration. So, you can put your ingredients in in the morning before you leave for work and set the time that you'd like it to turn on and start cooking. They're more expensive than your average slow cooker, but it might be an option worth exploring. Another option (if it's available to you) is to stop home over your lunch hour and turn it on. Many of our slow cooker recipes have "high" heat options that cook in 4-6 hours. Good luck!

Answered by BHGFood