Grubs in a lawn
This is the first year that we are fertilizing our own lawn and not using a service. We purchased a 4 step program that includes insect protection. Do we need a separate application for grubs? I do not think our lawn has had a problem with grubs in the past.
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I am guessing that you are referring to Step 3 of the Four Step Scotts program? If so, then it does not control grubs. And that's fine, if you haven't had grub problems in the past. Save your money -- no need to treat if there's no problem. If there is, you'll know it by August when thin or dead patches start to show up. In that case, you'll know to treat for grubs next year with GrubEx (in early June). Bottom line: don't apply it

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A natural solution to grubs is milky spore, a bacteria you infect your lawn with. It eats grubs. When the grubs are gone, milky spore goes dormant. It can last up to 10 years or more and is completely safe for humans and pets. I've had excellent results and have talked neighbors into using it, too. BONUS: When you rid your yard of grubs, the moles who eat them go away (Usually to a neighbor's yard where there are grubs)! GrubEx hasn't worked for me -- and you have to reapply it every year.
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