My oakleaf hydrangeas have not bloomed for me in 4 years, they are located in the partial shade and I prune them in the springtime, what am I doing wrong?
My oakleaf hydrangeas have never bloomed for me in 4 years. The plants are about 5 feet tall and wide. I prune them back considerably in the spring. They are located in partial shade. What's up?
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This is an easy one: Stop pruning. By pruning your oakleaf hydrangea (Hydrangea quercifolia) in spring, you're removing the flower buds before they get a chance to bloom. Prune oakleaf hydrangea only in summer right after the flowers fade. Although oakleaf hydrangea prefers a partially shaded spot, too much shade keeps it from blooming. Make sure it gets sun for about half a day.

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