What can I do to get a stronger fragrance out of my roses?
My roses look beautiful, but they don't smell like roses. What can I do to get a stronger fragrance from them?
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With hybridizers intent on producing disease resistance and ever-bigger blossoms, fragrance sometimes falls by the wayside. The roses you're growing simply may not have the potential to develop a strong aroma. Deep-coral-flowering hybrid tea 'Fragrant Cloud' (Zones 5-9) is a favorite and is on the American Rose Society's list of most fragrant roses. In general, Gallica roses are highly scented, as are hybrid musks, especially coral-pink 'Penelope' (Zones 6-9), a semidouble-flowering plant that reliably reblooms. If fragrance is on your list of must-haves, be sure the rose passes the sniff test before you splurge on it. Public rose gardens, local garden centers, and private local gardens are good places to check the fragrance of a selection.

Answered by BHGgardenEditors