What care does bamboo require?
Other than keeping bamboo from spreading everywhere, what care do I need to provide for it?
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Because bamboo grows so rapidly, it generally needs regular fertilization to keep it growing well. However, avoid fertilizing the first year after division. Keep plants watered regularly during their first year. After they become established, they will be more drought-tolerant. Bamboo canes need periodic thinning. Remove dead or damaged canes as they appear. Otherwise, remove as many canes as you wish to keep the grove as dense or thin as you desire. A good rule is to prune out canes that are 5-7 years old.

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There are different types of bamboo. I lived with the spreading kind in a rental house and I discovered that you CANNOT stay ahed of this stuff!!!! There is bamboo that clumps but doesn't spread everywhere. This is the kind you should plant unless you have a huge area that you WANT the bamboo to cover! Check with local nurseries and they'll help you find the bamboo you need.
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