Where should I plant my flowering dogwood?
Last spring, I planted a flowering dogwood in a large pot and placed it where it receives morning sun on my deck. The leaves on the tree keep burning. The tree gets new leaves, but they also burn. I want to plant it in my yard but do not know where to put it.
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

Your flowering dogwood might be unhappy in its pot, because these plants don't like drying out. I suspect that moisture is more of a problem than excess sunlight. Dogwoods require partial shade and naturally grow in locations with rich, well-drained, slightly moist soil. Dogwoods are natives of eastern woodlands and do best in a similar environment. They need protection from hot afternoon sun. Your dogwood should do better when you plant it in the ground. If your soil is alkaline, amend it with peat moss or other types of organic matter before planting your tree. Water it well after planting. Be sure the soil has no chance to dry out, especially for the first few years, but avoid overwatering.

Answered by BHGgardenEditors