Is fall a good time to be adding to my garden?
I've noticed that the nurseries are starting to sell plants again for this fall, but I always thought spring was the best time to plant. Is this a good time to be adding to my garden?
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

Yes, fall is perfect for buying nursery stock and getting a jump on the next landscaping season. The bonus is that at this time of year, many nurseries hold fall clearance sales. They're a great place to find high-quality plants at affordable prices. True, the pickings may be slim compared with spring offerings, but buying in the fall offers the following advantages besides saving money.


Seeing is believing. You can see what many plants look like in full foliage. More for your money. Plants bought in the fall at your local nursery are likely to be larger than those bought through the mail, and will provide faster impact in your landscape.


Flexible planting. Mail-order trees and shrubs are usually shipped bare-root and demand immediate attention. Nursery stock is typically sold in containers and can spend a few days in a shady spot if you can't plant right away. Keep these tips in mind while browsing.


Stay healthy. Avoid plants with wilted foliage, broken branches, or uneven growth. A cheap plant is no bargain if it's going to die or introduce diseases to the healthy plants in your garden. Stay in shape. Look for good branching structure with wide-angled branches spaced uniformly around the tree. Avoid trees with double leaders (competing main shoots of nearly equal size). Stay youthful. Buying younger trees and shrubs saves you money if you're willing to wait a few extra years for them to mature.

Answered by BHGgardenEditors