What do I need to know about growing blueberries to be successful?
I'd like to grow blueberries. What do I need to know to be successful?
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First, be sure you have a spot with moist but well-drained acidic soil. If your soil isn't acidic enough, the plants won't do well. If you live in an area with high-pH soil, you can grow blueberries in containers filled with an acidic peat-based potting mix, or amend the soil with an acidifying agent such as sulfur or iron sulfate. Next, find the right type of blueberries for your area. If you live in the South, a rabbiteye type, such as 'Powderblue' or 'Tifblue', is best. In order to get fruit, grow two cultivars together. Rabbiteye blueberries are native to areas of southeastern North America. Southern gardeners also can grow southern highbush types, such as 'Sharpblue' or 'Misty'. Unlike rabbiteye types, these plants do not need an additional variety in order to produce berries. That said, a second cultivar would be helpful in producing more fruits. If you live in the North, plant a northern highbush type, such as 'Legacy' or 'Earliblue'. Most northern highbush types don't require a second cultivar to help them produce good fruit crops. In the Far North (Zone 4 or colder), half-high types, which are crosses between wild lowbush types and cultivated highbush types, will be your best bet. "Chippewa', 'Northsky', 'Northblue', and 'St. Cloud' are half-highbush cultivars.



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