Which are the best Miscanthus grasses for growing in the landscape?
I've seen a lot of ornamental grasses with the name Miscanthus, and some of them look quite different from the others. Which are the best ones for growing in the landscape?
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There are indeed many species and cultivars of Miscanthus. All are warm-season clump formers that produce silvery seed heads late in the season. The main species is M. sinensis. Forms with fine-textured foliage include ‘Gracillimus’, ‘Sarabande’, ‘Graziella’, and ‘Morning Light’. The latter has white leaf margins. ‘Cabaret’ has cream-colored foliage edged in green; ‘Strictus’ has horizontal bands of yellow on its green foliage. ‘Yaku Jima’ forms a broad clump less than 5 feet tall. Flame grass, M. ‘Purpurascens’, is a hybrid of M. sinensis and an unknown parent. It grows only 3 feet tall and develops outstanding red-orange fall color. At the other end of the size spectrum is giant miscanthus, M. ‘Giganteus’ (sometimes improperly listed as M. floridulus). It reaches 10-14 feet in height.

Answered by BHGgardenEditors