Are there varieties of apples that don't need to be sprayed?
I want to grow apples but don't want to have to spray all the time. Are there any varieties that don't need to be sprayed?
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Many apples are susceptible to diseases such as apple scab, cedar apple rust, and fire blight. Backyard orchardists should consider growing varieties that are resistant to these diseases if they wish to avoid pesticide sprays. Scab-resistant cultivars include the early-season varieties 'Redfree', 'Prima', 'Jonafree', and 'Sir Prize'. For midseason production try 'Novamac', 'Liberty', or 'Freedom'. 'Enterprise' and 'Goldrush' are resistant late-season varieties. Depending on your region, you'll also have insect pests such as codling moth and apple maggot to contend with. Several low-toxicity options are available to manage these pests.

Answered by BHGgardenEditors