Should I repair brown spots on my once beautiful lawn, or remove the grass and start from scratch?
I used to have the lushest, greenest lawn in the neighborhood; now, I have brown patches. Any advice on whether I should try to repair the spots or remove the grass and start from scratch?
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

Don't let brown bring you down, especially if you've been successful with grass, as it seems you have. You may just need to patch, but let's take a look at your options. Repair the patches if: 75 percent or more of the grass is fine-bladed, deep green, and soft to the touch.  The grass is slightly thin overall but is generally in good shape.  The lawn turns brown uniformly and only during the most severe droughts.  Weeds, browning, and insect or disease damage occur in small, isolated patches. Replace the whole lawn if:  The yard is more than 50 percent bare, weed-infested, or diseased, or has additional problems.  New bare spots occur because conditions have changed; for example, you use your lawn more for children's games, or trees have grown, increasing shade.  Your lawn is a patchwork of three or more colors or textures of grass.  Water puddles on the lawn after a rain.  The grass wilts and takes on a grayish cast if not watered regularly.

Answered by BHGgardenEditors