Will my broken dogwood tree make it?
I received a small dogwood tree in the mail. The shipper packed it well, but the mail service bent the package in two! It is broken on one side. Is there any chance that the tree might make it?
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

It may be too late now; but in the future, if plants arrive in a damaged condition, report it immediately to the mail-order source. Reputable firms may replace the damaged goods or at least give you credit on a future order. Top-notch companies will want to know if the shipper they use is damaging their goods. To make the best of your current situation, if the tree was shipped while it was in a dormant state, and if the main trunk wasn't broken, it probably will be fine. Trim off any broken branches with sharp pruners, then plant the tree, and, if necessary, stake it for a year or two to straighten it out. If the main trunk was broken, trim the trunk below the break. Select the strongest (and straightest) shoot that develops as the new leader. Or you could turn the tree into a multistemmed clump by cutting it back to 6 inches above the roots and allowing several shoots to develop.

Answered by BHGgardenEditors