How do I turn a preexisting fireplace into a 2-sided fireplace?
We have a fireplace (with gas logs) in our den. On the other side (outside) is our screened-in-porch. Is it adviseable or not to have a two-sided fireplace and how much (approximately) would it cost to do this? I know you would have to do something for the outside to tone down the air/wind from outside. Is this feasible?
Submitted by odennism

Two-sided fireplaces are beautiful, indeed. But transforming an existing fireplace into the one you're dreaming of could be rather tricky. Have a qualified installer take a look to see if the unit you have could be replaced and converted into one with two sides. These are generally well-sealed against the weather on the exterior side so I wouldn’t be too concerned about that.


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How about opening up an indoor fireplace that is currently exposed, but only 1-sided currently?
Submitted by projectmomsidy