What is bromeliad and how do you care for it?
I received a gift plant that the gift giver said was a bromeliad. It is beautiful, but I can't find any information on it. Can you help me?
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Bromeliads make wonderful low-maintenance houseplants. Many are tropical plants that, in nature, grow on the branches of large trees; therefore, they don't require soil. Yours is probably planted in soil or bark mix. Bromeliads are much like orchids in their growth habit. If you have the type with a "cup" on top where the leaves come together, water into the cup and let it overflow onto the soil. Bromeliads get their nutrients from water caught in their cup. If the leaves do not form a cup, you'll need to water around the base of the plant every week or so. The plants like bright, indirect light, not direct sunlight.

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My bromeliads have a new one growing out the side of the original plant. How do I separate them.
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