Is a cyclamen plant a perennial in Zone 7?
I purchased a cyclamen plant with red blooms in a 4-inch pot. I assumed it was only a houseplant. After I got home, I noted the little stake in the pot that said it's Cyclamen persicum and that it makes a great ground cover for shade. Can you tell me if this is a perennial in Zone 7?
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

Zone 7 is too cold for Cyclamen persicum, which is commonly called florist's cyclamen. It is used as an ornamental indoor plant, although it is perennial in nature and can be grown outdoors in Zone 9 or warmer, such as mountainsides in Hawaii or some northern Mediterranean regions (never cold, but not extremely hot either.) It needs a rich, loamy, shady location when grown outdoors. As a houseplant it prefers cool temperatures (50-65 F) and a bright location such as a sunroom, greenhouse, or conservatory. When given these conditions, it can bloom for a couple of months.

Answered by BHGgardenEditors