If the strawberries I planted are to close together and there are runners everywhere, what is the best way to fix my garden?
I planted a few strawberries, and now they are crowded. There are runners everywhere! Can I dig them up and put them farther apart? Can I cut off the runners?
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If you're overrun by runners, a simple trick is to train them into the space between the rows in your strawberry patch to create new rows of young plants. Then remove the old rows so their spaces become the new aisles. Discard the old plants, because they're less productive than the new daughter plants. Start by making new raised rows of soil and organic matter between the rows of established plants. Once the strawberries begin to produce runners, train them onto the new raised rows. Secure them into the soil if necessary. When the runners become established, cut them away from their parents and throw the parent plants in the compost pile or till them into the soil. The best time to get rid of the parent plants is right after the patch has finished bearing in early summer. That way the daughter plants have most of the growing season to get established and set fruit buds for next year's crop.

Answered by BHGgardenEditors