What features should I look for when buying a new lawn mower to make my mowing quicker and easier?
I need a new lawn mower. What features should I look for to make my mowing quicker and easier?
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I don’t know about quicker and easier, but I do know about safer and more enjoyable. Here are a few features to consider. Safety. Look for power mowers that instantly shut off the mower blade when you release the handle baffle. Maintenance. Ensure that the blade is accessible for ease of sharpening. Bagging attachments. In some instances it’s handy to have a bag attachment; for example, before you over-seed a lawn, mow closely and catch the clippings to avoid having to rake them up to expose the bare soil. For annual weeds, such as crabgrass, that have formed seeds, a bag attachment will catch the seed heads along with the clippings and reduce self-seeding; you can simply throw the contents into the trash. Mulching blades. These blades on modern power rotary mowers chop clippings into tiny pieces that fall among the grass blades and give the lawn a little extra moisture and nitrogen. The clippings don’t cause thatch.

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