Where is the best place to plant azalea plants?
I love azalea plants, but for some reason I usually end up killing them. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. Should I plant it outside?
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Azaleas (Rhododendron) are difficult to keep alive indoors because they are most commonly potted in a peaty soil mix that dries out in the home. The peaty mix is good for keeping down the pH; azaleas need acidic soil. However, once peat dries out, it's difficult to rewet. Keep the soil evenly moist. If the plant dries out, plunge the entire pot into a tub of water to soak the peat again. (Dry peat floats. You may have to weight down the pot with a heavy waterproof object to prevent the rootball from popping to the surface of the water). Keep the humidity high around your azalea. Dry air will cause it to dry out faster. Fertilize with an acid fertilizer. Look for plant food formulated for azaleas, camellias, and evergreens. Provide bright indirect light indoors. You can also plant your azalea outdoors if all frost danger has passed in your area. Most florist azaleas are hardy only to about Zone 7, so it may not overwinter outdoors in colder regions. In these colder regions, you may have limited success getting the azalea to bloom again if you leave it outdoors late into the fall. It shouldn't be allowed to freeze, but it needs several weeks of 40F weather to induce flowers. Bring the plant back indoors over winter. Grow it in a cool, bright location with ample humidity.

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