How can I successfully transplant columbines from the shade of my backyard to the shade of my front yard?
I have several columbines growing in a shady area of my backyard. How can I successfully transplant some of the columbines to a shaded area in my front yard?
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To successfully transplant columbine, move as much of the root system with the plant as possible by keeping a large ball of soil intact around the roots. The best time to move columbine is when it is semidor-mant, early in spring. Plant the columbine in its new spot, making sure it's at the same depth it was growing before. Water in the transplant, and keep it watered regularly for the first growing season. (Adding a couple of inches of mulch over the soil after you water can be helpful in retaining moisture and preventing weed competition.)


Alternatively, you might collect ripe seeds after your columbine blooms, and scatter those seeds over the area where you'd like the columbine to grow. Most columbines start readily from seed (often self-seeding in the garden). If you have only one type of columbine, the plants likely will come true to type. If you have several types of columbine in your garden, the seedlings may be hybrids, developing characteristics that are a cross of the parents.

Answered by BHGgardenEditors