What should I do about male and spruce roots that poke out of the ground and into my lawn?
I have maple and spruce trees in my yard. Their roots poke out in several places, enough that I scuff the roots with the mower blades. What should I do about them?
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There's not much you can do about protruding roots. If you cut or bury the roots, you can injure or kill the trees. The best thing you can do for the trees and your mower is to eliminate grass around the roots. Cover the area with loose mulch, such as pine needles or shredded bark. Or plant a low-maintenance, shade-tolerant ground cover in the area to ramble among the roots, eliminating the need to mow. Suitable ground covers for shady areas include ajuga (Ajuga), barrenwort (Epimedium), lungwort (Pulmonaria), sweet woodruff (Galium odoratum), periwinkle (Vinca minor), and wild ginger (Asarum).


Answered by BHGgardenEditors