What are hardy annuals?
What are hardy annuals? I thought annuals were killed by frost.
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Most annual flowers won't survive over the winter in cold climates, but many tolerate some frost. Some annuals, such as pansies, violas, and flowering kale, survive heavy freezes. Some hardy annuals to try include alyssum, lobelia, phlox, cornflower, dianthus, nasturtium, poppy, pot marigold, snapdragon, stock, and sweet pea. These plants perform best in cool weather and will bloom best in spring and fall. In midsummer, when temperatures are high, most of them will stop flowering. With the return of cooler temperatures in fall, they will begin to bloom again.

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I live in southern N.H.,andwhen talking to one of my neighbors he suggested I don't pull out my annuals. Well for the first time I didn't pull out my annuals,and I have a container garden which is 14'L X 3'deep. To my amazement most of my Dysinthias are coming back.I'm still waiting on other plants to come up it's early yet. So at then end of this yr in the fall I'm going to put down all salt water hay to blanket everything,and I should be pretty much guaranteed they all come back.:-)
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