What should a good landscape design include?
We're building a new house, and would like a nice landscape. What should a good landscape design include?
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

Many people think about design as simply placing plants in the landscape. Instead, think about creating outdoor "rooms". Use plants, fences, ponds, patios, or other elements to create rooms where activities take place. Functional rooms enable you to enjoy outdoor spaces. Think about the purpose of the landscape and its function in your family's daily life. A good design meets and satisfies the needs of your family, fits the physical conditions of the site, and is attractive.


Think about your property in three main areas: the front yard, the side yards, and the backyard. Now think about the rooms to develop in these areas. They might include an entry, an outdoor living/entertaining area, places for cooking and dining, or a play area.


Also include garden, work, and storage space. Link indoor living spaces to outdoor rooms with similar functions. For example, the entry, which features the front door, is an extension of the indoor foyer. Pair the garage with outdoor storage and work spaces. Patios and decks extend indoor entertaining and dining outside.

Answered by BHGgardenEditors