Could I replace my shaded lawn with English ivy?
We just purchased a house where the previous owners ignored the landscape. The front yard is quite shady, and the lawn looks terrible. I've seen English ivy used in ground cover beds, but wonder if it would work as a lawn substitute. Could I replace the lawn with English ivy?
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English ivy (Hedera helix) can make a fine ground cover for shady areas. I?ve seen it used quite effectively as a lawn substitute under the arching canopy of trees. Keep in mind that although ivy requires less frequent trimming than grass, it does require regular maintenance. Occasionally trim back runners that spread across walkways, and remove shoots that climb tree trunks. In some areas, English ivy is banned because it grows so rampantly, and it?s difficult to remove once established. So be certain it?s what you want before planting it.

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Please don't plant ivy. I work for a Conservation Corps and we have been pulling invasive ivy out of our parks and forests. It's nasty stuff! It completely covers the ground and is killing the trees that it climbs up.
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