Why isn't the grass under my shady trees growing anymore?
This spring we planted a grass seed blend specifically designed for shady areas under our large oaks. At first the grass was lush and green, but now it's not growing well. My azaleas, hydrangeas, hostas, and gardenias have all done well in this shade, but my daylilies and amaryllis have been slow to bloom. Any suggestions are welcome.
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

Growing grass in shade is a challenge, even if the package says that the seed is good for shade. It may be that you don't really have enough sunlight for a lawn. Even shade-tolerant grasses need a fair amount of light. They're designed more for dappled light than for true shade. It also could be that your trees are so mature that they're competing with the grass for moisture, fertilizer, and light. Because you are having good luck with other plants, I think your growing conditions are good for shade plants but maybe not for grass. Ultimately, it may be that a lawn is impractical in this location. Try planting ground covers and/or using mulches.

Answered by BHGgardenEditors